An ancient Christian Ring,
the oldest yet found, etched with Chi-Rho
and Alpha-Omega was buried over 1600 years
ago in the ruins of Kourion on the island of Cyprus.

 Found near a young father, killed trying to protect his family during
the great earthquake of 365AD, this unique Christian ring, imprinted with
the Monogram of Christ, symbolizes all that our Faith holds sacred, for...

"Greater Love hath no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends"
John 15:13



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There are many Christian rings. There is only one Ring of Christ™.

Few know of the humble little bronze ring and the significance of the symbol etched upon it. This Christian ring, unearthed at Kourion, only inches from the skeletal remains of a young father and his family, gives us a unique insight into our Faith's early history. For it was buried in 365AD, when Christian persecution was still a possibility, and when the Apostolic churches were just starting to prosper.  Christianity would not become the Empire’s official religion until 391AD under Theodosius. 

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The oldest Christian ring was discovered in 1987

The Ring of Christ™

The Ancient Christian Ring unearthed at Kourion in 1987


The Monogram of Christ,
the Greek letters
Chi (X) and Rho (P)

The Greek letters X (Ch) + P (R) on the ring are the first two letters of the Greek word ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ (Christ) pronounced ‘Christos’. These initials are known as...

The Monogram of Christ.

The Chi-Rho with the α (alpha) and the ω (omega) to either side of the Monogram of Christ, make this unassuming piece of ancient jewelry the earliest Christian ring openly worn during this turbulent time in our Faith's history.

The Christian Family

Because of the Chi-Rho and Alpha-Omega on the father's Christian ring, we know that he and his family were Followers of The Way. And while the wearing of Christian jewelry is commonplace today, few people can imagine what it meant for these young people to openly wear a sign of their Faith in the fourth century, as their own grandparents would have surely been persecuted for doing so only a few decades earlier.

To read the full, tragic story of the Kourion Earthquake and the last, terrifying seconds of this family's life, click here

Andrew Martin, a young Christian father of today, explains why he bought rings for his family, and what it means to him. Click here

The Christian Family at the Kourion Museum in Episkopi
When the earthquake struck Kourion on that July morning in 365AD, their entwined bodies were entombed...

...and the father was wearing a Chi-Rho ring (the Monogram of Christ) when he died shielding those he loved.

As one of the earliest examples of ancient Christian jewelry ever found, the father's Chi-Rho ring without doubt holds a special place in our Faith's history, and yet its story carries a timeless message which is no less significant to contemporary life, than it was over sixteen hundred years ago.

Ring of Christ™ - Silver Edition

available in
Silver and Gold
Inspired by the Original

The Ring of Christ™ Pilgrimage Edition

...the father’s arm forever sealed in a loving embrace...
"...for love is as strong as death."
[Song of Songs 8:6]

Front View of Kourion Museum
Front of Kourion Museum

"This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you."
[John 15:12]

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