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Kay is a teacher, Sasch is an SEO Consultant and Cheryl is an ordained minister. Our belief in the teachings of Christ, our varied backgrounds, and a deep reverence for the sacred values of our Faith have brought us together, each with one's own crucial part, to share the story of an obscure family, a ring and a long-held dream. The Ring of Christ™ became a reality when the dream of one became the vision of the other two.

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Kay tells how it all began...

Our Team

“I would say, unknown to me at that time, that my dream of the ‘Ring of Christ™’ started about 18 years ago when I went, after touring Kourion, to the Kourion Museum in the village of Episkopi for the first time and saw the skeletons.

I stood in front of the case for a while looking at the jumbled bones, then my eyes began to follow the pattern of entwined arms and legs.”

“As I followed the well laid out bones, I saw that one larger skeleton had its left arm and leg over the second slightly smaller one"


KAy at her Desk

Even now, as I think of the moment that I understood what I was looking at, and saw the two of them, I get chills. And even after all these years, I still tear up when I remember, upon studying the remains even closer, seeing the baby’s tiny skull. I was physically overcome by the powerful realization that I was looking at a father protecting his loved ones and at a mother protecting her baby at the final second of their lives."

“I moved silently in reverence around their glass sarcophagus and saw the ring. The label said only: Ring with monogram of Christ. “Ring with the monogram of Christ?” I read aloud. The man was wearing a ring with the monogram of Christ? And then I knew, knew to the depths of my being, that the huddled mass of bones was a Christian family, a family still safeguarding each other after more than sixteen hundred years."

Monogram of Christ Ring

“And what is more, I knew, right then and there, that this ring was truly special, and that I wanted to have it made for my loved ones as a symbol of the sacred bond that I shared not only with them, but with those who lay before me, my ancient Christian family."

“I held that dream all these years, and only recently has it turned into a reality.”


...Kay Huffman

At the Computer in our Office



"I first met Kay in the Fall of 2006, when she was looking for a computer teacher and was introduced to me by a mutual friend of ours."

"Over the course of the next few months’ lessons, we discovered a common interest in medieval history, particularly the Third Crusade and Richard the Lionheart’s conquest of Cyprus, and soon began talking about writing a novel about this fascinating time."

"It was on a research trip to a crusader castle in the west of Cyprus last year that Kay asked me whether I had ever visited the Kourion museum and seen the remains of the Christian family found at the Earthquake House. When I replied that I hadn’t, we decided to make a little detour."


...Sasch Mayer

Pantelis, our Jeweller
Pantelis crafting a Ring of Christ™

Pantelis Kouvaros
Master Jeweler

Pantelis has been part of the Ring of Christ™ project ever since we brought him our design and asked him if he could use it to make a ring.

Previously, he had already custom-made a number of Byzantine pieces for Kay, so she knew his work to be of the very highest standard.

His enthusiasm for our project, his dedication and his expertise have earned the highest respect for this true master of his trade.

His jewelry store and workshop are located on Zenonos Kitieos Street in downtown Larnaca.



Efthymios Symeou
Ceramic Artist

Efthymios is without doubt one of the foremost Ceramic Artists in Cyprus.

In fact, so great is the local Archaeology Community's esteem for him, he is given access to many priceless collections in order to create his exceptionally accurate reproductions down to the finest detail.

His Ceramics Studio is located on Akdeniz Street, one block from the Makenzy seafront in Larnaca.

Efthymios' website

  Efthymios, our Ceramist
Efthymios working on a
Ceramic Loaf

"I go to my baker to search for
a bread with character to make my mold."



" For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
[Matthew 18:20]


The Christian Ring found at Kourion
The Father's Ring


Sunset on the North Coast of Cyprus
North Coast at Sunset


Rocks along the Southern Coast of Cyprus


Song of Songs

"Place me like a seal over your heart,
like a seal
on your arm;
for love is
as strong as death,
its jealousy unyielding as the grave.
It burns like
blazing fire,
like a mighty flame."

"Many waters cannot quench love;
rivers cannot
wash it away.
If one were to give
all the wealth of his house for love,
it would be
utterly scorned."

Ring of Christ™ - Silver Edition


Zeus Jewellers in Larnaca
Pantelis' Jewelry Store
and Workshop

Efthymios Ceramist Studio
Efthymios' Ceramic Art Studio and Workshop

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