Reverend Cheryl Minvielle

"The ring that was found near the man's outstretched hand was the outward symbol of his devotion to Christ, and I truly believe that he and his family entered into that everlasting kingdom. The Ring of Christ™ also reminds me of the love of the Father as He sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to suffer and die for all so that His kingdom of perfect love could be made manifest in the earth and to rise again so that this covenant of love would transcend all time and space, yes, a kingdom without end, eternal life."

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I always knew Kay's Dream would become Reality


"Over the years, Kay and I have always loved and supported one another, and I knew that if there was a way for Kay's dream to become a reality, and was meant to be, then it would.

Finally, the Lord brought someone, Sasch Mayer, who saw the potential and had the belief in the integrity of the project as well as the computer skills to help make the dream a reality. I totally believe in this project and give it my full endorsement."

  Reverend Chryl and Victoria in Nigeria
Reverend Cheryl and Victoria
in Nigeria

Minvielle Outreach Ministries
Minvielle Outreach Ministries
Rev. Cheryl Minvielle

M.O.M. is a full service ministry believing that you must take care of the whole man, spirit, soul and body. To that end, feeding, medical, clothing as well as spiritual counselling are provided to victims of hurricanes, fires, and other disasters in their home state of Louisiana. Essentially, M.O.M. is a mission Church.

At the present time my team and I are in the process of establishing the Children's Rescue Mission in Lagos, Nigeria where a feeding and education program benefits hundreds of African children. There are also plans in the works to assist aids related projects in conjunction with the SASS Foundation in Kampala, Uganda.

Yes, we are a church with a mission to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached throughout the nations with power, love, mercy, and grace for all..

A Mission Church... A Church with a Mission

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