There are many Christian Rings. There is only one Ring of Christ™.

Inspired by the ancient bronze original, the Ring of Christ™ has become a unique symbol that embodies the purity of our Christian beliefs, just as it did more than 16 centuries ago when the young father wearing it died trying to save those he loved. Of all ancient Christian rings unearthed, this little-known and seemingly insignificant piece of jewelry commands a cherished place in our Christian history. For, unlike any other ring, it symbolizes our greatest Christian belief... The Act of Selfless Love.

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A young Christian Father of Today Hears this Story

Andrew's Reflections

"When I first heard of the 'Ring of Christ™', I was very curious to see what it looked like. While I consider myself a student of history, I had no idea what to expect in an early Christian ring dug in Cyprus,"

...Andrew Martin


Sterling Silver Ring of Christ™

 "As a believing Christian working in a professional environment, I am always looking for subtle ways to express my faith and I felt that this might be an avenue by which to do so."

The Christian Family unearthed at Kourion

"It was not the history of the ring, where it was found, or its Christian symbolism that moved me, though.

In the ring’s supporting materials is a picture of a Cypriot father who, while wearing this Christian ring, has wrapped his body over that of his young family during an earthquake.

In a last ditch effort to save his family, this man – this follower of Christ – has offered his own body as a willing sacrifice to try to save them."


"I stared at the picture for a long time."

"Here we are 1,600 years later and despite time, culture, science, and all other advancements made by mankind, I can look at this man and what he did and say 'I understand.'"

"I understand that kind of love. I understand how you could feel so strongly about your family that you would gladly throw yourself into the breach to save them. I can look at the ring now and see that man’s love for his family. It reminds me of my love for my own family. "

"I understand."

"The ring also reminds me of Jesus Christ’s love for all of us. He also sacrificed His earthly body but not for a few, rather for all.

He gave himself as a ransom for our salvation. The love is the same and, just like the Cypriot father, the sacrifice came with pain."

  18K Gold Pilgrimage Edition Ring

"So as I look down at that ring I see my love for my family, Christ’s love for me, and a common thread of love and willing sacrifice that ties all believers together regardless of time, space, or distance."

"I look down at that ring and I understand."

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Andrew Martin is a husband and father of three who currently resides in Lake Charles, LA. Andrew works in the construction materials industry and enjoys spending time with family and friends. He and his family are walking the gospel together and enjoying every step of the journey.

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The Ring of Christ™ is available for purchase in
Sterling Silver and 18K Gold

Each ring is hand-crafted in a small, privately owned jewelry store and workshop in Larnaca, Cyprus. Great care has been taken to create this rustically elegant ring, inspired by the 4th century one worn by the Christian father.

The Sterling Silver and 18K Gold editions are much more than just Christian Rings. They are timeless pieces that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Sterling Silver Ring of Christ™
To see our
Sterling Silver Ring


Ring of Christ™ 18k Pilgrimage Edition
To see our
18K Gold Pilgrimage Ring

"I was very impressed.
The design is beautiful and it is this juxtaposition of beauty against the rugged, handmade feel that really makes the ring unique."

The Pilgrimage
of the
18K Gold Rings

The first Pilgrimage of the Rings of Christ

The Pilgrimage Rings are taken to the island's Biblical Locations.

"When they arrived at Salamis, they proclaimed the word of God in the Jewish synagogues."
[Acts 13:5]

"They traveled through the whole island until they came to Paphos."
[Acts 13:6]

The Pilgrimage Rings at the Earthquake House in Kourion
Each 18K Gold Ring is also placed in the very room where the young Christian family was discovered.

The Christian Rings on Pilgrimage to the Kourion Earthquake House
Close-up of the
18K Gold Pilgrimage Rings
at the
Earthquake House


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