An 18 year old Dream becomes a Reality...

"A mutual friend introduced me to her private computer teacher, Sasch Mayer, who also became my tutor.  As it turned out, he like me was a medieval history enthusiast.   After pooling our knowledge, doing a whole lot more research, and engaging in lengthy discussions that most often emptied a room, we decided to write a novel about the Third Crusade, The Third Cross."
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A little Sojourn into Cypriot Medieval History...


"Few know that it was here in Cyprus that Richard, the Lionheart saved his shipwrecked sister and fiancée, subdued Comnenus, the tyrant and conquered the island, married Berengaria the Spanish princess, and even sold Cyprus to the Templar Knights all before he continued on his mission to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, specifically to retake Acre which was held by Saladin."

"In fact, we were on our way to a crusader castle on the western side of the island, passing Kourion enroute, when I asked Sasch if he had ever been to the museum in Episkopi.

  Kay tkaing photos at Salamis
Kay taking Sasch's photo in the Roman Baths

He hadn’t, so we stopped by.   We walked around the small museum, I, of course, told him all about the skeletons, the earthquake house, the archeological dig, etc. for I had long since read Professor Soren’s book.  More importantly, it was at the museum that I told Sasch about my long-held dream."

"As we continued on our way to the castle, out of the blue, Sasch said, “Let’s do it.”  “Do what?” I asked.  “Let’s have the ring made.” he replied."

"So, well over a year later, after numerous trips to the museum, endless study of the father’s ring, hours of computer aided design, and with the help of an extraordinarily patient and extremely talented jeweler, that is exactly what we did.  We created the one-of-a-kind ‘Ring of Christ™’ inspired by the original in the museum."


"And then I knew, knew to the depths of my being, that the huddled mass of bones was a Christian family, a family still safeguarding each other after more than sixteen hundred years."


Lounging in the Roman Baths at Salamis
Lounging in the Roman Baths at Salamis

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