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RingofChrist.com operates a 100% ethical and transparent policy with regards to the information we collect about our visitors and clients.

No personal information is collected or processed about visitors to this web site, unless this is submitted to us by choice via electronic or conventional mail, telephone or another direct communication.

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Your Privacy


Your privacy is important to us. Consequently we comply with the Data Protection Act of 1998 with relation to the handling and processing of all personal information supplied to us by our visitors and clients, as well as other data in our possession for any reason.

Please note that the information supplied to us by our users is held and processed in the Republic of Cyprus and consequently governed by applicable European Union legislation. We will not trade, sell, rent or loan any personal information held by us to any third party unless:

  • This information is shared by us at your request for the purposes of gathering information about or purchasing a product or service for your use.

  • The information be disclosed to a properly authorised government or law enforcement agency during the course of their legitimate investigations.

The RingofChrist.com site contains external links leading to third party sites. It should be noted that these sites operate their own policies with regards to user/visitor privacy. Consequently, We cannot accept responsibility for the manner in which these sites handle personal information or other data.

For statistical purposes, we record the IP addresses of all visitors to this web site. It should be noted that this does not contain any personal information and is not disclosed to third parties by us.

Please note that any personal information provided by you is stored securely in accordance with our company’s security procedures and any applicable laws.

We take your privacy seriously; for further information, please contact us.


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