The first time I visited the Kourion Museum

"As we sat in front of The Young Family’s remains, Kay related their story to me, telling me about the events of that fateful morning so long ago, the father’s boundless love for his wife and child, and of the Christian ring found near the hand which he had protectively flung over his young family all those centuries ago. From the first moment she had visited the museum over a decade and a half earlier, she had been deeply touched by this young man’s sacrifice and the meaning of his ring.”

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I realized how much this family's story meant

Taking Pictures...

"She also told me it had been her dream for more than a decade and a half to recreate this ring, and give it to dearly cherished family members and friends."

"Sitting there, less than six feet from the huddled remains of this ancient Christian family, listening to the passion in Kay’s voice as she shared their story and her long-standing dream, I too was deeply moved by the truly selfless love this young man showed during the last, desperate moments of his life.

  The Roman Baths at Salamis

"I realized, too, that this tiny, insignificant looking, bronze ring stood for so much more than anyone aside from Kay seemed to recognize."

"Here we were, sitting only feet away from a humble piece of ancient Christian jewelry which, more than any I ever heard of, embodied the purity of our Faith and the willingness to sacrifice even ourselves without hesitation for those we love when fate demands it. And yet, this incredible little ring, its wearer, and his beloved family, had been put on display in a small provincial museum by archaeologists who seemed not to realize their true significance at all, to be gawked at by tourists who neither knew nor cared about their heartbreaking tale."

"With Kay’s voice reverberating in my mind, and lost in thoughts about the ring’s true meaning, we continued our journey westwards when I suddenly interrupted her: “Why don’t we make this ring?”

"Her initial reaction was one of total disbelief. That was at the start of 2008. However, by now, we have both grown to understand that the sequence of events and the circumstances involved in helping us to realize Kay's dream is beyond the realms of coincidence.

We have also come to know that this Christian ring's powerful, yet simple message, found in an unknown museum, is not just for us."

"It is for everyone."

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The North Coast of Cyprus at Sunset
The North Coast
at Sunset

Taking Pictures at the Ancient Road into Salamis
Taking Pictures of the first ring pilgrimage on the Ancient Road into Salamis

"I realized, too, that this tiny, insignificant looking, bronze ring stood for so much more than anyone aside from Kay seemed to recognize."

The Roman Baths at Salamis
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